Secured Loans, For The Expected Or Unexpected.

Town Financial with the combined power of Prompt Financial services are here to help. We offer secured loans in a form of a lien against your home from $3,000 up to $30,000.

Your financial goals are important to us and are hopes is that these secured loans will help you achieve them. You can use the loan to reduce your high interest debt, emergency repairs, weddings, education or just about anything you want.

The loans have a simple one page application, Approvals are issued within 24 hours and funds are deposited into you account a short 48 hours after that.

Why Choose are secured loans? Here are a few things to keep in mind

  •  Low Interest Rate of 8.99% NOTICE we did not say starting at or up to? The rate is 8.99%
  •  OPEN LOAN Meaning you can pay it off in full or partial at anytime.
  •  Quick, Funds could be in your account in 72 hours.
  •  Less Hassle Compared to doing a second mortgage it is far less hassle and much quicker.
  •  No Legals No lawyers are needed.
  •  No Appraisals Saving you money and time.
  •  Up to 85% of your homes Value Getting you MORE money.
  •  Lower interest payments Allowing you to get ahead.
  •  Improve your Credit score  Reducing your debt will cause your credit score to go up.
  •  Emergency Funds We all need some every now and again
  •  Flexible with credit score We don’t expect your score to be perfect. You can qualify with scores even under 600.

Town Financial is a full service company offering Mortgage solutions through Canada’s largest Mortgage Brokerage Dominion Lending Centres so even if the loan does not work out we can likely find you another solution.

Our Approach

The most fundamental of all our work principles is that if the client is happy, then we are too. We will treat you like our first, last and only customer. We ensure this by offering a range of services and advice – starting with mortgages and life insurance, all the way to investment opportunities and retirement planning!

How much does it cost?

From the first consultation our services are free! Where else do you get expert, unbiased advice for free?

What can we help with?

We can help you plan for the expected and unexpected. Having a nest egg and managing your day to day expenses is key for your current and future success. Make an appointment with one of specialist to see how great life can be!

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