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Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced buyer with excellent credit, we have access to the very best products and rates available across Canada thanks to our partnership with Canada’s largest mortgage company, Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source. Although Brad Plummer from Town Financial will be handling your mortgage, all mortgages are processed through Dominion Lending Centres the Mortgage Source. To visit their website please go to bradplummer.ca

With access to more than 230 lending institutions, including big banks, credit unions and trust companies, our licensed team of professionals is familiar with a vast array of available mortgage products. These range from first-time home buyer programs, to financing for the self-employed and even to financing for those with credit blemishes. And, best of all, we work for you – not the lenders – to ensure you receive the best rates and products available in today’s marketplace.

Whether you find yourself looking to purchase your very first home, upgrade to a new home, renew your existing mortgage, refinance your mortgage to free up some equity, purchase investment properties, buy a vacation home, or lease business-related equipment, Town Financial has a variety of products available to meet your unique needs.

While a bank only offers the products from their particular institution, Dominion Lending Centres sends millions of dollars in mortgage business each year to Canada’s largest banks, credit unions, trust companies, and financial institutions. This ensures that together, Dominion Lending Centres and Town Financial, can offer our clients more choice and access to hundreds of mortgage products!

As a result, our clients benefit from the trust, confidence, and security of knowing they are getting the best mortgage for their needs.

Whether you are purchasing a home for the first time, taking out equity from your home for investment or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal, it is important that you are making an educated buying decision with professional unbiased advice.

Our Approach

The most fundamental of all our work principles is that if the client is happy, then we are too. We will treat you like our first, last and only customer. We ensure this by offering a range of services and advice – staring with mortgages and life insurance, all the way to investment opportunities and retirement planning!

How much does it cost?

From the first consultation to the signing of your mortgage, our services are free. A fee is charged only for the most challenging credit solutions, and it’s especially under those circumstances that a mortgage professional can do for you what your bank cannot.

What can we help with?

We can do a variety of transactions but our specialties include first time home buyers, self employed people with hard to prove income and bruised credit. We can assist with purchases, refinances, debt consolidation, construction loans, second mortgages, private mortgages, renewals, equity take outs, home equity line of credits and much more!

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